Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us regarding your order.

I received an incomplete order 

If one or more items from your order are missing, please let us know using the form below.

My order arrived damaged

For damaged goods, please:

  1. Record the damage in the delivery paperwork provided.
  2. Accept the delivery.
  3. Take pictures of the box label, any visible box damage, and the damaged item. Send the pictures to us using the form below. We'll attend to the issue promptly, but please inform us within 24 hours of delivery.

I received the wrong order

If you got the wrong item, please let us know. Make a note on the delivery receipt, accept the item and continue using it until the correct one comes and then please submit an inquiry using the form below.

My order is missing parts

For missing parts:

Check in compartments, pockets or pouches in or around the item. Contact us for replacements if necessary. Parts are typically delivered via UPS or FedEx.

Please provide these details:

  1. Why you need the part
  2. Part number (from the guide/package)
  3. Part name and item attributes (color, size, etc.)
  4. Item model/serial/production #/dye lot # (if available)
  5. Which side the part is needed for (left or right when facing the item)
  6. Quantity needed
  7. Photos of package serial numbers.

Reach out to us promptly if any part is missing by submitting the form below.

We typically reply within 24 hours.